Take a walk on the wild side…


c83b366850f32fed3bfb76bc58e153ccLeopard print is a breath of fresh air. Whether it is a classic leopard print-coat, clutch, boot or jean, it brings any outfit to life. The news, therefore that shops across the country will be brimming with not just leopard, but also zebra and cheetah prints this autumn fills me with joy. The fashion world has once again decreed that animal print is in. 

There is something about this print that makes you walk tall, and feel brighter and bolder. Leopard print is a lifestyle choice and I am voting to remain.

The obsession with animal print began with Egyptians, as Tutankhamun declared he was definitely a spots fan. Following this, leopard print quickly became associated with warfare, as military uniform featured animalistic elements to capture the totemic power of the big cat.

But of course, leopard print can also be linked to all things fashion. Josephine Baker, French dancer, jazz singer and actress famously kept a pet cheetah, named Chiquita and Dries Van Noten was reportedly buried in a leopard skin-cape and false eyelashes.

One of the best things about leopard print is it’s neutrality. It goes with any colour, like a fun, sassy add on. As such, by the 1950s big couture labels like Dior had caught jungle fever. By the time the 70s rocked up, everyone was big-cat crazy, with leopard print saturating into pop culture (Think Bet Lynch and Pat Butcher).

After a stint of minimalism in the 1990s, our love of leopard returned with a ferocious vengeance with Kate Moss being a big advocate…

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